Under construction…

Please be patient, as I build this site.

SmartList version 2 for Windows Phone is out!

Watch for updates. Don’t use the ‘All Lists’ option for uploads to Dropbox, as it is sometimes unreliable, depending upon Internet connection and load on the Dropbox servers. It is removed in latest builds.

I’m working on a visual remake of SmartList. Need to get a Celtic theme designed.

Microsoft App updates are taking longer now to process, so be patient.

Please send any comments on design, or corrections to translations, to AppDruid<at>

4 comments to Under construction…

  • WebDruid

    taking longer than I thought..learning WordPress, multisite, and the Atahualpa theme, all at the same time.

  • RickH

    SmartList for Windows Phone

    now has a Windows desktop version in final testing phase!

  • RickH

    All Lists option will be back soon for download lists from Dropbox. Uploading asynchronously is too unreliable for batch mode, so single file at a time only.
    So watch for the new updates for SmartList on your Windows Phone!

  • WebDruid

    Next phase in new artwork is in place. It will continue to improve.
    Beta version of SmartList desktop version is ready. Works on Win7, Vista, and Win8. Works on touch screens, also. Allows you to edit and create lists directly in Dropbox. THen download to your phone or use from your desktop.Requires free Dropbox acct.
    Email AppDruid–at– for access.

    SkyDrive backup is next major version.

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